What does my CPA preparatory course grade mean?

Sep 16, 2022
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CPA preparatory course students often have questions about their course grades and whether they’ve passed the course, as there are different parameters depending on whether the course is a core or non-core option. Below, we’ve outlined these important distinctions to help you understand all of your options.

Non-Core Preparatory Courses 

The following information applies to:

  • Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA)
  • Introductory Management Accounting (IMA)
  • Economics (ECO)
  • Statistics (STA)
  • Business Law (BUL)

What does my CPA preparatory course grade mean?

If your final course grade is:

  • 50% or higher: You have successfully passed.
  • 49% or lower: You have not successfully passed. Exam rewrites are not offered for non-core CPA preparatory courses. You can register to retake the course. Please check out the course offering schedule.
    • You can apply for a course repeat at a reduced fee* (reduced fee applies to students on their second attempt). If you are eligible to for this option, register and pay the full course fee on your My CPA Portal. Once you complete your transaction, please email prepadvising@cpawsb.ca to request the partial refund.
*Reduced fee is not available to students who withdrew prior to writing their final exam or students who were categorized as ‘no show’ for the final exam.

How to complete the course after three unsuccessful attempts

CPA preparatory course students are allowed three attempts at each course. If you exhaust all your attempts, you will be required to complete the CPA equivalent(s) at a Post Secondary Institution (PSI)

More information about the course repeat policy can be found in section 7.3 Course Repeats of our Student Guide.

If you have any questions about course attempts, please contact the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at prepadvising@cpawsb.ca.

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