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Module Registration FAQ

No. The module registration process is a separate process from enrolling in CPA PEP. Once you have been approved for entry in CPA PEP you can begin registering for modules.

Module registration periods are posted at least a year in advance on the schedule page of our website. Registrations are only accepted during specific periods, so we encourage you to note the registration periods that are relevant to you. If you miss the registration period, you may be eligible to register late by submitting a waitlist request and paying an additional waitlist fee.

After a registration period closes, you can submit a waitlist request and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Once you have placed yourself on the wait list, you are guaranteed a spot in the module, however exam and in-person workshop locations cannot be guaranteed until after the wait list has been reviewed.

Please note: The waitlist will be open until 8 days before the start date of the module. 

The waitlist fee is a non-refundable late registration fee that is on top of the module fees which reflects the additional administration required to process registrations after the module registration period closes. Candidates must be accepted into CPA PEP at least 30 days before the module start date to be eligible for the waitlist.  

If you plan to take modules in consecutive sessions, you will have to register in the next module before you know the results for your current module. If you are unsuccessful in your current module, you will be contacted and a special registration right will be applied to your account so you can withdraw from your next module without paying a withdrawal penalty. Additionally, you will be granted a special registration right so you can register in the next available offering of the module or pay a reduced rate to register to rewrite the exam only at the next scheduled exam writing date. If you paid for the module on your personal credit card you will have the option of refunding the fees directly back to the card or placing the refund as a credit on your account.

For most modules (Core 2, Assurance, Finance, Taxation, and Performance Management) access to D2L is granted on the first day of the module, as indicated on the module registration schedule. 

Three modules (Core 1, Capstone 1, and Capstone 2) have pre-work; access to these modules is granted  three business days before the module start date listed on the schedule. 

Review Materials Modules are available to candidates who are not required to complete the full module, including candidates who have:  

  • been granted a module exemption
  • been granted a challenge exam
  • previously attempted a module and who would like to acquire the most recent module materials

Eligible candidates must email to request RMM registration permission.

You are only required to complete two of the four available electives. If you are interested in taking more than two electives, you are welcome to do so.

You can take two elective modules in the same session as long as the exams are scheduled on different days. You also have the option of taking the two core modules (Core 1 and Core 2) in the same session, in what is referred to as “fast-track” scheduling.  Fast-track scheduling simply allows you to take Core 1 and Core 2 in the same session. You complete the same assignments, workshop, and exam as candidates completing only one module. Because you will be in two modules, expect to spend between 20 and 30 hours each week on assignments. We discourage fast-track scheduling while working full-time unless you have discussed this choice with your employer.  

While there is no additional application or fees required for fast-track scheduling, fast-track scheduling is only available for the core modules and for elective modules with exams written on different days. You must be successful in both core modules before you can start the elective modules and be successful in two elective modules before you can start Capstone 1. 

Once you have successfully completed your Core 1 registration within the module registration period, permission will automatically be placed on your account to allow you to register for Core 2 concurrently if you wish to do so.

Yes, when you register for a full module, the exam registration is automatically created so you do not need to register for the exam separately. You will select your preferred exam location when you register for the module.

Each module has a standard for participation that you are expected to meet. If you meet this standard, you are given a status of qualified to write (QTR) in My CPA portal approximately one week before the exam. This means that based on your module participation you are qualified to write the exam on the scheduled exam date. 

If you do not meet the minimum submission requirements for the module you may be assessed as did not qualify (DNQ) to write the exam. If you are assessed as DNQ, our office will contact you at least one week before the exam and you will be given the option to appeal the assessment and write the exam. If you show up at the exam centre with a DNQ status that has not been overturned by our office through the appeal process, you will be turned away.

To withdraw from a module log into My CPA portal and click “module registrations” then click “view” next to the module you are currently taking. Select “Withdraw” and follow the prompts to withdraw from the module. 

Unless you are withdrawing from an upcoming module after failing the previous module, a withdrawal penalty will always apply. The penalties depend on when you withdraw and are outlined in each module and exam registration confirmation email.

To print invoices for fees you have paid while in the CPA program, log into My CPA portal . Click “My profile” then “CPA Account” and click “View” next to the invoice you want to print. Transactions completed in the portal are posted on your account by noon the following day. 

Selecting the employer pay option only leaves the invoice as outstanding on your account. You need to ensure that your employer sends payment to CPAWSB; CPAWSB will not contact your employer on your behalf. If your employer fails to submit payment, you will be responsible for paying the outstanding invoice.

You can review your chosen workshop and exam locations through the Module Registration page of My CPA portal  by clicking “view” next to the module registration. If you ever need to change your workshop or exam location after registering, please contact Changes are subject to space availability and room capacities.

Some modules are not offered in every session to ensure sufficient registration numbers and facilitator availability. In sessions when the full module is not offered, the module appears as “exam-only” and is only available to candidates completing rewrite exams or who have deferred the exam from a previous session. If you are attempting the module for the first time you cannot select the exam-only option. 

You are allowed three attempts at each module. For the core and elective modules, you have the option of completing a rewrite exam for either the second or third allowed attempts. 

If after three unsuccessful attempts in the core modules, capstone modules, or the CFE, you will be expelled from the program. If you are expelled, you can apply for readmission to CPA PEP and will be assessed against the current CPA PEP entrance requirements. Once you are deemed PEP Eligible you will receive instructions on how to begin the program over at Core 1. 

If after three attempts, you are unsuccessful at an elective module you can attempt another elective module providing you have not exhausted three attempts in it. You must be successful in two elective modules to be eligible for Capstone 1.