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Admission FAQ

Designated CPAs cannot register in CPA preparatory courses; however, designated CPA members now have the option supplementing their education to qualify for public accounting licensure. 

CPAWSB  is pleased to offer the CPA Post Designation Public Accounting (PDPA) program to CPA members in good standing who have never met the qualifications for registration to practice public accounting in their jurisdictions. 

Check out the PDPA program.

If you have completed a CPA preparatory course or received transfer credit for it, it becomes unavailable for registration via My CPA Portal . Please contact the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at for assistance in overriding the system so that you can register.  

Core 1, the first module of the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), is offered four times annually. If you are taking CPA preparatory courses and applying to CPA PEP, you will need to complete two steps: 

  1. Submit an admission application to CPA PEP selecting the category of ‘PREP Graduate’. 
  2. Register for the module after your admission application is approved.  

Please visit Transitioning to PEP for more information.  

For questions about transitioning to CPA PEP please contact the CPA preparatory course Student Experience team at

Students pay annual dues to be eligible to enroll in courses. New students registering with CPAWSB between April 1 and September 30 pay full-year dues and new students registering between October 1 and March 31 pay half-year dues. Continuing students pay full-year dues annually. Dues expire on March 31 of each year.

Non-active years are not available to students. If you do not plan on registering for any courses between April 1 and March 31 (CPAWSB’s academic year), and you choose not to pay annual dues, you will need to repeat the transcript assessment and admission application process again before registering for other courses.  

Paying annual dues maintains your student status with CPAWSB, which means you can register in CPA preparatory courses, and are registered with a provincial CPA body to access the CPA career site and attend chapter events and workshops.

STEP 1: Submit an Admission Application 
If you have received a completed transcript assessment, you are eligible to submit an admission application for CPA preparatory courses; this admission application must be submitted before you can register for a course. To submit an admission application:  

  1. Log into My CPA Profile  
  2. Select ‘Program Admission’ 
  3. Select ‘Admission Application’ 
  4. Complete all steps of the admission application as required including submission of membership dues 

STEP 2: Register for a Course 
After your admission application is approved, you can register in a course: 

  1. Log into My CPA Profile  
  2. Select ‘Registrations’ 
  3. Select ‘Module Registration’ 

For issues related to your My CPA Profile, please contact the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at

CPAWSB does not have a mandatory registration policy. As long as you pay your annual dues for the current academic year you are considered an active student in good standing.

CPA is considered a part-time academic program designed for post-secondary graduates and working professionals. CPAWSB is not a post-secondary institution and does not qualify for student loans or grants. Consider contacting your financial institution to see if you are eligible for a student line of credit.

Log into My CPA Portal  to view your unofficial transcript and your program progress. You can also order an official transcript through the portal for a fee:  

  1. Log into My CPA Portal  
  2. Click on ‘Program Requests’ 
  3. Click on ‘Transcript Request’ 
  4. Fill out the form and click ‘Submit’

To transfer your registration to another province or region, please contact the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at

If you have registered in the wrong course you can switch your course registration by submitting a request to the CPA preparatory courses Student Experience team at within two business days of the original registration. Course switches are unavailable after Brightspace (D2L) access has been granted.

CPAWSB does not issue ID cards to students or candidates.