Ask Learner Support: PEP Core 1 or 2 Module Preparation

Jan 28, 2020

In this “Ask an Advisor” series, we answer questions regularly received by the different teams responsible for CPA course and module administration. This week, we focus on a question received by the Learner Support team.

Dear Learner Support,

I am a CPAWSB candidate. What resources can I use if I want to begin to prepare for the PEP Core 1 or 2 modules before the module start date?


A CPAWSB Candidate

Dear Candidate,

The Learner Support team recommends using the “Introduction to PEP” module in D2L as a starting point for preparing in-advance for your Core 1 or 2 PEP module:

“Introduction to PEP” Module

This is a free module that all CPAWB candidates have access to in D2L. The homepage of this module contains excellent resources that candidates can use to get a head-start on preparation for their upcoming module:

  1. Survival Guide
  2. Knotia Learning eBooks
  3. Self-Assessed Entrance Exam

1. Survival Guide

Each PEP module has an associated “Survival Guide”, which helps candidates match the technical competencies covered in each week of the module directly to the Knotia Learning eBooks. We recommend reviewing your module’s Survival Guide in advance of the module start date to plan your review of the weekly readings.

2. Knotia Learning eBooks

The Knotia platform ( contains the most recent version of the CPA Learning eBooks. Before the module start date, ensure you have access to these materials and contact the helpdesk as stated on the homepage if you are unable to connect. Candidates can follow their Survival Guide to get a head start on their Knotia readings in advance of the module start date.

3. Self-Assessed Entrance Exam

The self-assessed entrance exam (with solution) is an optional tool available to Core 1 or 2 candidates only, which are available in advance of the module start date. Candidates can use the self-assessed exam(s) to uncover any gaps in technical competency and help direct candidates where to focus studies (please note – these exams are not a requirement to enter Core 1 or 2 and for self-assessment purposes only). These exams are found on the CPA Canada Certification Resource Center, or by following the link on the homepage of the “Introduction to PEP” module.

If you have any questions on resources available to assist in preparing for your module in advance of the module start date, please contact the Learner Support team via email at, and we would be happy to help!