Summer 2021/2022 Plagiarism Statistics

Dec 7, 2021
Plagiarism—submitting someone else’s work as your own—is unacceptable in CPA education and carries serious consequences such as failure of the module and/or expulsion. Following every semester, CPAWSB investigates suspected instances. Here are the results from the 2021/2022 Summer CPA PEP session.

Summer 2021/2022 Plagiarism Occurrences

During the Summer 2021/2022 CPA PEP session, plagiarism instances included the following:

Exam Plagiarism
Exam plagiarism occurs where responses are copied from:
  • CPA Learning E-Book without citation
  • Other candidates - Joint submissions

Assignment Plagiarism
Assignment plagiarism occurs where assignments are submitted with materials copied from:
  • Other candidates (both the enabler and copier face consequences)
    • Material directly provided by another candidate
    • Material indirectly provided through sources such as WhatsApp or Course Hero
  • Online assignment sharing websites (CourseHero, Chegg, etc.)
  • CPA Learning E-Book without citation
All individuals found guilty of plagiarism or enabling plagiarism during the Summer 2021/2022 session incurred serious consequences.

Collaboration with Other Candidates

There has been an increase in candidates collaborating with peers during examinations. This is an exam rules violation. Candidates will face serious consequences if found guilty.


Recently there has been an increase in candidates using websites during end-of-module examinations. Using any reference materials other than the approved materials is unacceptable and is an exam rules

If candidates reference materials found on a website for module assignments, they must cite their sources and ensure that the majority of the work is their own.

Course Hero (Third-Party Resource Websites)

Uploading or copying material from resource sites such as Course Hero is also unacceptable and several instances of plagiarism during the Winter session were due to assignments being copied from these sites. If you have uploaded assignments to Course Hero or another resource site, have the material removed immediately as you are enabling plagiarism and will face serious consequences. You can avoid a plagiarism investigation by not visiting resource sites such as Course Hero.

Submitting CPA Solutions

Under no circumstance are CPA-provided solutions to be shared with others or submitted for an assignment or online assessment. If you submit CPA-provided solutions, you will face serious consequences. All candidate work is reviewed through Turnitin software, which is designed to detect instances of plagiarism by comparing submitted items against information on the internet, CPA Canada solutions, and all previous CPA PEP candidate submissions from across Canada. You can avoid a plagiarism investigation by not submitting CPA-provided solutions or parts of CPA-provided solutions in your assignments or online assessments.