CPAWSB Transcript Assessments: Getting Started

Jan 20, 2023
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The first step towards starting your CPA certification is to create a My CPA profile and submit a transcript assessment request. Check whether you need to submit a transcript assessment request because not all applicant types need one. Below we outline how to get started and address some common questions.

Creating a profile in My CPA portal

My CPA portal is your administrative hub while in the CPA certification program. Ultimately, you will register for courses or modules, pay annual dues, and more through the My CPA portal, but initially, it is how you tell us about your education and employment history so we can assess your eligibility to enter the School.

After the login screen loads, click on “Create a My CPA Profile” to load the registration page.

On the registration page, you will need to provide your:

  • Personal information*
  • Employment History
  • Post-secondary education
  • Canadian residency status
  • Governing provincial CPA body (where you plan to take CPA courses or modules)

*CPAWSB staff typically use the email address you list as “primary” in your My CPA profile to contact you about your transcript assessment, admission application, or your CPA studies.

Finally, confirm all your information and your profile is created. You will receive two emails within an hour of setting up your profile. 

  1. One will come jointly from CPAWSB and the provincial CPA body you have identified on your profile. 
    • It will outline your next steps and provide information about whom you to contact for assistance. 
  2. The second email contains a link to set up your My CPA Profile password. Your profile will be inactive until you create the password.
If your information changes or needs to be updated, log into your profile at any time and update it by selecting the appropriate section under the “MY PROFILE” heading.

Requesting a transcript assessment and submitting documents

Now you can request and pay for a transcript assessment by following the instructions under the “TRANSCRIPT ASSESMENT” tab.

CPAWSB uses the transcript assessment to verify whether you are eligible to enroll directly in the CPA Professional Education Program or if you need to complete any prerequisite education first. Documents required for assessment will vary depending on your applicant type. Don’t know which documents to submit? You can follow the instructions provided under the Application Process after you have identified your applicant type, to find out the list of documents you need to submit.  

When to request a transcript assessment

Domestic transcript assessments take approximately ten days after CPAWSB receives all your required documents, though during module registration periods we may need a little extra time, so if you plan to register in a module, submit your transcript assessment request as early as you can to avoid delays. Your transcript assessment is valid for one year.

Using the portal

In addition to accessing your document checklist through the portal, you can also update your personal information, view the transcript assessment results, and let us know if you complete additional education.

Contacting the School

At any time, you can contact the School by emailing for inquiries not covered in the FAQs, or to discuss assessment results later on.