The Transcript Reassessment Process

Jan 6, 2023

If you've completed a transcript assessment with CPAWSB and are eligible for a reassessment of your courses, you'll receive an email with all the information you need to move forward with the process. This email will contain details on what to do next and any required documentation. You must review this information carefully to ensure that we can properly process your reassessment request.

The reassessment process can take six to eight weeks from when CPAWSB receives all necessary documentation. If you didn't receive an email about reassessment and want to request a reassessment of your courses, you can email for more guidance.

If you're eligible for a reassessment of core prerequisite courses, you'll need to complete the self-assessment tool and provide any necessary supporting documentation (like a course syllabus). Keep in mind that you'll need to verify that the courses you're seeking reassessment for meet the minimum grade requirement of 60%. CPAWSB cannot consider exemptions for courses that don't meet this requirement.

The reassessment email you receive will include a sample self-assessment tool worksheet, a video walk-through, and an applicant user guide to help you complete the tool. Once you've finished the self-assessment tool, you can email it along with any necessary supporting documentation to with the subject line "Self-Assessment."

After the transcript assessment team reviews your completed self-assessment tool, you'll receive an email with the results of your reassessment. These results will fall into one of three categories: no exemption, partial exemption, or full exemption. 

A result of "no exemption" means you won't be eligible for an exemption or a challenge examination. "Partial exemption" means you're eligible to sit a challenge examination. And "full exemption" means you're eligible for a full exemption from both the course and the examination.


Please go to our website for an overview of the reassessment process and challenge exams

If you have questions about the reassessment process or the self-assessment tool, you can contact CPAWSB Transcript Assessment by emailing If you have questions about your reassessment results, you can also reach out to the team for more information.