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IFA is a non-core preparatory course. The CPA Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA) class teaches you about the basics of accounting. You'll learn about analyzing financial information, the accounting cycle, and how to record different types of financial transactions.

IMA is a non-core preparatory course. The CPA Introductory Management Accounting class examines how organizations use accounting information to plan, monitor, and control. Managers in all functional areas deal with the management accounting system of the organization they work for. The purpose of this course is to ensure that you have a basic understanding of how such systems operate, the language they use, and their limitations.

Prerequisite: Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA)

IF1 is a core preparatory course. The Intermediate Financial Reporting class builds on the introductory financial accounting concepts acquired in introductory financial accounting. This module focuses primarily on asset (cash, receivables, inventories, capital and intangible assets, investments).

  • Indigenous IF1 Course Syllabus


  • Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA)
  • Introductory Management Accounting (IMA)

Throughout each course, guest speakers and Indigenous session leaders will be brought in to provide Indigenous content and context, and to support a social learning environment. In addition, career advisors and academic coaches will also be supporting this course.

At the beginning of each course, you will participate in a two-day* In-Person Opening session to engage in community building and be introduced to the profession. At the end of each course, the group will also gather for a two-day In-Person Closing session to focus on exam preparation.

*Please Note: For IFA it is a two-and-a-half-day In-Person Opening session

Throughout each course, there will be four 2-day sessions with a smaller group where you will work through technical materials and be exposed to Indigenous content and context through guest speakers and activities.

All students are required to attend the four In-Person Learning sessions. 

During each course, you will participate in webinars that cover various student-led topics. These webinars will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek help in completing assignments. Additionally, the webinars will be recorded and made available to all students for reference.

Course assessment and passing grade:

The final exam for each course is worth 100% of your grade.

  • For non-core preparatory courses (IFA and IMA), you must obtain 50% on the final exam to pass each course.
  • For core preparatory courses (IF1), you must obtain 60% on the final exam to pass each course.

Final Exam formats:

  • For non-core preparatory courses (IFA and IMA), the final exam will be conducted online. Therefore, you will need access to a personal computer and a stable internet connection. Travel to write the final exam is not required, unless you have trouble accessing the required computer or software.
  • For core preparatory courses (IF1), the final exam will be held at in-person exam centres.

More exam information will be provided at a later date.

You can defer an exam, if necessary, but it’s not advised.

*Dates and times of the exams are subject to change. The exams are nationally scheduled, and students will be required to write the exam on the specified date and time.

The individual and flexible learning parts of each course allow you to learn and complete assessments independently at your own pace before each In-Person Learning session and before the final exam.

Each unit covers several eBook chapters. Each chapter includes a snapshot, written instruction, examples, e-lessons on select technical topics, summary problems, and multiple-choice practice questions.

Each quiz consists of questions that have been selected to test your understanding of the technical topics in each unit.

Exercises and practice problems provide you with an opportunity to apply technical knowledge and strengthen your understanding of each course concepts.


These schedules cover all available CPA preparatory courses for Indigenous learners.

Session Dates

Session Description


In-Person Opening Session: Welcome event & course start

  • IFA - Aug 9 – 11, 2024 (2.5 days)
  • IMA, IF1 - Aug 10 - 11, 2024 (2 days)

In-Person Learning Session 1

Sep 7 – 8, 2024

In-Person Learning Session 2

Oct 5 – 6, 2024

In-Person Learning Session 3

Oct 26 – 27, 2024

In-Person Learning Session 4

Nov 16 – 17, 2024

In-Person Closing Session: Exam preparation & closing ceremonies

Nov 30 – Dec 1, 2024


Exam Dates

IFA Exam (online)

Dec 20, 2024
Exam Start Time: 9:00am local time

IMA Exam (online)

Dec 20, 2024
Exam Start Time: 1:00pm local time

IF1 Exam (exam centre)

Dec 18, 2024
Exam Start Time: 3:00pm local time

Exam results release

Jan 29, 2025


Course Fees


Annual Student Dues


The above fees will include:

  • Course access and content.
  • Supporting materials and exam.
  • All reasonable travel and/or hotel costs for the in-person sessions.
  • Some meal costs. 

More information on travel arrangements will be provided upon registration.

Please note: If the credit card option is used for payment, a non-refundable 1.77% credit card surcharge will also be applied to the total invoice amount. The surcharge rate is subject to change but will never be higher than 2.50%. Other payment options are available